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The MegaJacket teleports in!

Remember that sketch from a few months ago? Well it got the right person’s attention, and we were able to launch a partnership with Capcom’s merch team. After several prototype iterations, we are happy to present you this excellent jacket.

It’s available right now for pre-order in both Men’s and Women’s

The project will only be able to move forward if they hit their minimum by March 31st, so pass it around.

Use the promo code MEGA10 before March 31st to get $10 off your preorder.

I’m extremely excited about this project. MegaMan 3 was one of the first games I remember getting as a kid, and I’ve been into the series ever since. Beyond that, it is one of Volante Design’s goals to offer a wide selection of officially licensed redesigned apparel, and this is the first step to that goal. If this goes well, there is so much potential for great things to come.


Enzo and the Volante Team